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Affordable housing compliance professional specializing in LIHTC, HOME, and Bond file and operations reviews.


Our Compliance Services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any client with LIHTC, HOME, Bond, or similar affordable program property, whether it is a new construction lease-up or an established community.

100% File Review

This is a review of all resident files that make up the project initial qualified basis and is primarily for projects in lease-up.  IN addition to looking at the file verifications, income & asset calculations and certifications, we also look at other factors of household qualification including student status and implementation of income limits, utility allowances and gross rents.  A comprehensive report will be provided detailing compliance and the eligibility status of all households.  This service is tailored primarily for investors and owners seeking professional review to ensure project compliance.

On-Going File Approval

File approval for all move-ins and annual re-certifications for both new lease-ups and existing communities.  This pre-approval process provides a professional level review of all files to support the efforts of the on-site staff as an added safeguard for owners and investors.  Files are submitted through our on-line system by management staff for review and ultimate approval (or denial) prior to move-in or re-certification.

Investor/Owner Reviews

Typically, this is an annual recurring review of 20% of the resident files.  This random file review includes a cross-section of new move-in and re-certification files to ensure management is following proper certification procedures to meet program compliance requirements.  In most cases the files are submitted electronically to our office but we can also arrange for an on-site inspection.

Other Services Can Include:

Tailored corporate, on-site and individual staff training.

Completion of quarterly and annual reporting requirements for investors and state housing finance agencies.

On-site resident file audits and reviews

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Bill Harris, HCCP, NCP-E, SHCM, CPO

Bill Harris has over 25 years of affordable housing compliance and property management experience.  Having serviced as Vice President of Compliance for two of the nation's largest affordable housing management companies, his background includes; establishing affordable housing compliance operations from start-up, implementation of affordable program policies and procedures, creation of internal monitoring and tracking methods, and standardization of forms and file organization.  While in these roles he worked closely with Owners, Developers, Investors and State Monitoring Agencies to ensure that the operations of Property Management and Compliance were current and accurate.  Handling as many as 70 state agency and investor audits annually, while under his watch, Owner's never received an 8823 for a uncorrected finding.

Recognized nationally as the Housing Credit Certified Professional "HCCP of the Year" in 2002 by the National Association of Home Builders, Bill has also served as a board member and President for the HCCP Nationalal Board of Governors for 10 years.  He has also served on the Board for the Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition for over 10 years and was on the Advisory Board for the Nation Compliance Professionals (NCP).  He has articles published in The Credential, Units, and Compliance Professional, and has been a presenter at conferences for the Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition, National Compliance Professionals, National Multi-Family Housing and National Housing & Restoration.  In addition to internal training for previous employers and private training for numerous other property management companies, Bill has also provided training for the Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition, Alabama Affordable Housing Association and the Atlanta Apartment Association.

Bill received a Master's Degree in Urban Planning with a major focus in housing from Michigan State University. 

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